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  5. "Keoki drinks water."

"Keoki drinks water."

Translation:Inu ʻo Keoki i ka wai.

January 9, 2020



I got it wrong but can someone explain the difference between the answer and mine: "Inu wai ʻo Keoki"


I believe you have to introduce the object with "i," so it would be "i wai." I also think the "ka" is required. Hawaiian seems to use "ka" a lot more than English uses "the." So it would have to be "i ka wai."

What I donʻt know is if you can swap the order of the subject and object. Can someone more advanced please tell us if "Inu i ka wai ʻo Keoki" would work?


Inu i ka wai 'o Keoki...Keoki drinks in the water


I was wondering the same thing, since the exercise immediately before this was "Ka'iulani bakes bread" and the correct answer was "Puhi palaoa 'o Ka'iulani."


Or...Drink the water of Keoki

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