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"Look at your hands now, Iain!"

Translation:Seall air do làmhan a-nis Iain!

January 9, 2020



They call them fingers but i never see them fing


I thought you had to put 'a' before a name when speaking to somebody? Or does that not apply here because Iain begins with a vowel and not a consonant?


Correct. The "a" only appears before consonants and disappears before vowels.


Hmm, I'd figure 'an-dràsda' rather than 'a-nis' for this expression, as 'an-dràsda' refers to the immediate now, as in this moment, rather than a more general now, as in 'now is the winter of our discontent'. It's the source of the Scots expression 'the noo', and is IMO a good expression of Gàidhlig being more expressive than English.



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