"Blood is red."

Translation:Tha fuil dearg.

January 10, 2020



When are you supposed to use h


When the adjective is forming a noun phrase with a feminine noun as in "red blood". This is a copula equating "blood" and "red", so the two words do not form a noun phrase.


Teachers often forget to explain this but it is not the same in all languages. These 'predicative' adjectives (to use the fancy word) when you say something 'is red' etc. never change according to number or gender in the Celtic or Germanic languages, but they do in Romance languages like French and Spanish.

This is why you may be confused if you have learnt any of those.


If fuil lis feminine why is it not dhearg rather than dearg


This is explained above, but it is quite counter-intuitive, especially with the word order used in the the Celtic languages, so if you want a much fuller answer, see what I wrote in answer to Tha Eilidh mòr..

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