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How many of you have put the learning into use?

Hi all,

I was wondering how many of you have actually starting putting what you learnt in the Scottish Gaelic tree into use - chats ( online / offline ), in actual conversations, in e-mails & letters. If you have already started using it - how was the experience ?

This is especially to all the new learners who weren't have the basics of S.Gaelic beforehand.

And now to those who had some Scottish Gaelic beforehand

How is this course benefiting you? How has your Scottish Gaelic improved since you are on this course?

January 10, 2020



Well since I don't live anywhere near Scotland (I live in the Balkans) I have no way of communicating with natives so I resort to Duolingo only. Scottish Gaelic came as a natural interest after studying Irish, although I struggle with it more than I do with Irish. I suppose because of all the bh's, dh's etc :) Even though it is an ''unusual'' language to learn, knowledge is never unnecessary, right?


I struggle with the spelling as well!


We have just one native Gaelic speaker in my tiny Wester Ross enclave - a Lewis man. In the past we have always exchanged a few pleasantries in Gaelic. Can't wait to see him again - he will get a real earful! Chan eil mi uabhasach,tha thusa uabhasach! Am bi thu ann am Muile Latha na Sabaid? Tha mo thon gu math alainn. That kind of thing...


Please take a picture of his reaction to your observation about your thon!


Didn't manage to get a picture, but I think he must have been sneaking a look at DL, as his answer, if I remember correctly, was something like: Mo chreach, chan eil do thon alainn idir, ach tha an t-sron agamsa ro fhada...


Honestly I have been able to exchange a few basic words of Gaelic from someone I met on social media from Cape Breton. But I haven’t been able to put more into practice, unfortunately. She was actually really impressed, though!


I only know a few native speakers, all from Lewis, and won't see or chat with them until I'm back in July so that's a bit of a wait. I do have some acquaintances who have done immersion courses (Ceolas Uibhist, SMO) and they're very helpful when I butcher basics complaining about the weather ☺️

I'm sending in the paperwork to take a twelve-week basics course through UHI for absolute beginners so we'll see how much of a difference DL makes!!

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