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  5. "SaltaH muD Duj."

"SaltaH muD Duj."

Translation:The airplane is ascending.

January 10, 2020



Duj has a hint that says of the ship when it should just be ship. of the is purely gramatical / positional in Klingon?


However, in some sentence somewhere in the course, that's how it is used, so that is included as one of the possible meanings.


I'm claiming that Duj shouldn't include of the anywhere in the course. That even if it was Duj HoD, Duj doesn't mean of the ship even in that case.


You are correct. This may be a limitation with the way the Duolingo software handles hints, though. Just remind yourself that they're only hints, not true translations.


Yes, I'm trying to improve the hints for everyone.


For example, Duj pong means the name of the ship. Use your mind first and the hints just to give you a little reminder when your mind fails you, rather than trying to use hints to construct a sentence.


That's exactly my point. The of the isn't part of the translation, so maybe shouldn't be part of the translation tips to help those who are still struggling with the grammar.

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