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  5. "Salt and pepper."

"Salt and pepper."

Translation:Salann agus piobar.

January 10, 2020



Did I learn this one wrong (pretty sure not - piobair) or is it that the answer contains the typo?


'Piobar' is correct - for some reason we had both in the course. 'Piobair' is wrong, and it'll be removed in the next update :)


This comment was a year ago. No update in the last year?


That's the spelling I have in my notes for the course, though my dictionary lists the nominative as piobar and the genitive as piobair.


Yeah, 'piobar' is the correct nominative spelling. We had both accidentally, so 'piobair' will be removed from Tree 2. :)


As of 02 Jan 2021 it's still suggesting "piobair" as an alternate correct answer and in the hints.


I don't have an explanation for why "piobair" is still in the alternate translations for this sentence. Perhaps the contributors didn't want students who learned their mistake to be marked wrong due to no fault of their own. But, as for the hints, they must list both "piobar" and "piobair" because the hints are for all uses of the word in the course, and depending on the sentence it will sometimes be one translation and sometimes be the other, so both must be included in the hints.


And still as of 23 March 2021. One entry tells you piobair is an alternative and another entry tells you piobair is wrong.


Ok. The only form I've had demonstrated in the course so far is the genitive. I'll watch for the nominative piobar and be sure to note whether it has shown up and I've just not noticed close enough. "Paying attention may cost too much" as my dear wife would put it.

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