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"Tha Sealainn Nuadh math air rugbaidh."

Translation:New Zealand are good at rugby.

January 10, 2020



Correct phrase should be either "New Zealand is good at rugby" or Tha sgiobaidhean Shealainn Nuadh maith air rugbaidh - "New Zealand's teams are good at rugby"


Are you sure that's true in all dialects of English. I think some may allow the country name to be used as a plural grammatically like that.


From other sentences I've seen, I've got a feeling this is not wrong in Scottish English when referring to a sports team by their location.


Both will be accepted as correct, although I'd say 'are' is more common. Neither are wrong.


I'm an American and I would say "New Zealand IS good at rugby." New Zealand is counted as one entity, therefore it is singular.


That will be accepted here too.

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