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I have a new button!

I've just had a button "enable text hiding", that make the text source in translation exercises blurred!

So, it gives 2 exercises in one. You hear the text in the source language and you translate it directly in English. So good!

January 10, 2020



Maybe you have some extension installed on your browser, see;



Oh thank you! I'm pleased by this, it makes the learning more interesting and more challenging!
Duo is very boring now, that the lessons have only very few vocabulary, and always the same thing, and with easy kidlike stuff like word tiles, etc...

But I'm disappointed also, I through it was an A/B test implementing a new feature! A very good feature.


Sir I realized you have a 666 streak.


I have a feature on my eyes: I don't look at the text untill I want to.


It's very hard to do that without an extension. Even if I look only the blank text field, I see the sentence in the source language.

I was doing that before by closing the eyes, while they were pronouncing the sentence. But honestly, this button is so much more handy, and better.

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This is something I have noticed has come in for some of French stories. That the text of the story is not shown to you, as you progress through the story. And it has just been recently. I suspect it may be an A/B test mind you.

I think it is a great idea !
And I am enjoying it.

Have you also checked out : https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6621043396150644736 .

Very inspirational.


Sadly not, it's the extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duo-strength/oghbejipobmlmgfbdjmfgnnhepngcmle

I wish it was an A/B test! I wish they address this problem. As I have to wait for crown level 5 to get harder content!


You seem to be very well-informed when it comes to everything Duolingo.

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Also, as a heads up, I have also created a post on this inspirational post in "linkedin" that I mentioned above.

Check out: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35990786


What app, OS and version?


It is in Spanish, web version, chrome, old Windows 7 (on this computer).
But as it's the chrome extension, it doesn't depend on the OS.


and language.

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