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  5. "Bha i blàth an-dè."

"Bha i blàth an-dè."

Translation:It was warm yesterday.

January 10, 2020



Depending on context, yes it could. If someone approached you and said "Bha i blàth an-dè." without context, it would most assuredly be about the weather since neither of you were speaking about someone in particular previously in the conversation.


Can this also mean 'she was warm yesterday'?


but Bha i fuar an dè. Are both correct (ie with hyphen and without)?


With the hyphen is the correct form but the app doesn't always display them correctly, the mods have mentioned the problem before. So it's definitely an-dè, an-diugh, an-dràsta, a-nis etc. https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Scottish%20Gaelic/an-d%C3%A8/d7f735be895e6d5e29792f125036bdbf

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