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  5. "Tha mo mhac anns an sgoil."

"Tha mo mhac anns an sgoil."

Translation:My son is in the school.

January 10, 2020



There are several occasions where the sound quality is either poor or too low. I have the sound all most a the highest on my computor and with my ear right up to it I still can't make out what the person is saying. It is not just this particular sentence.


We have a number of sentences earmarked for replacement, but there's currently a bug in the incubator preventing us from doing so. Duolingo staff are working on a fix.


I could not understand this one at all. It sounded like Tha mo mhac donkey store.


Too blurred - I cannot answer this question


"my son is in school" is not an acceptable answer?


Not today (1/7/21). My guess is that it's idiomatic and we'll just have to memorize it.


The audio file on this comments page is not working. Please test ALL audio files, as so many don't work.

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