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  5. "I am in Tiree."

"I am in Tiree."

Translation:Tha mi ann an Tiriodh.

January 10, 2020



Why can BOTH spellings of Tiree in Gaelic (Tiriodh and Tioradh) not be deemed correct? There is no consistency.

It's obviously a moot point, judging by other comments!


Some of the questions here only accept Tiriodh as an answer, and mark you wrong for Tioradh. Unfortunately I didn't realise what was going on so didn't click the discuss link for that particular question in time.


I had to pick word tiles and it offered Tioradh and tiriodh. I chose the former and it marked it correct, then offered the second as an alternate answer. Those two words are not the same, and I realize I answered I am in Goodbye.


tìoraidh > bye

Tiriodh > Tiree

Tioradh > Tiree

There are two spellings of Tiree in Gaelic.


So how do we know whitch one to use?


Ah, the learngaelic.scot dictionary only had the first.


Got this wrong too, but the other two options have "am", so I guess it needs to be "an"

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