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"Tha an t-Eilean Sgitheanach gu math spòrsail."

Translation:The Isle of Skye is really fun.

January 10, 2020



In Gaelic, dyed in the wool Sgitheanaich refer to the most beautiful island in the world as 'An t-Eilean' and our ancestors who emigrated to PEI(Prince Edward Island) also referred to their new, and very different homeland, as,'An t-Eilean'.


Yes, that's what it's generally called, or just Skye, if that's your question. Similarly (Isle of) Mull, (Isle of Islay), (Isle of Lewis), (Isle of) Arran and others - though these other ones don't seem to require to use Eilean in Gaelic, the way Skye does. I think it's probably because of the way the name is constructed - Sgitheanach is an adjective, supposedly signifying "winged", whereas the others are nouns. I'm inferring. Or maybe you're speculating as to whether it's fun?? :) I suspect that depends on what activities a person would consider fun. I love the place, personally. Wish I was nearer.


Just going say ... Skye's not that much fun :P


If you like good whisky, it is...


I think " ... is good fun ..." should be accepted as a better rendering of the sentence in English, and because "gu math" can be translated as "good" according to Duolingo's own definitions. Cost me a bl**dy heart too! I can't afford to keep losing them


I translated this as "... good ..." - and I double checked the translation before I pressed ENTER. But this was rejected and I was informed that "gu math" means "quite". "Quite" is not listed by Duolingo as one of the meanings of that phrase, however. I'm prepared to accept that "gu math" can mean different things according to context, but if you want a particular context to be shown, give us a clue. Another bl**dy heart lost. Anyone know what the Gaelic for "Grrr" is?

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