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Minor error due to missing audio?


Apologies in advance if this has already been discussed, but none of the Report options seemed to apply, so I thought it best to mention it in a post.

It's just to report a minor error where the audio file for one of the three options in a ‘Which one of these is “x”?’ question was missing or didn’t play when the corresponding image/text was selected.

The question and options were:

Which one of these is “neck”? 1. corrag (no audio) 2. amhach 3. beul

It was maybe just down to a problem with Duolingo or my browser, but the audio for the other two options, 'amhach' and 'beul', was fine.

January 10, 2020



Okay, so I think I know what's happened here. Corrag on its own isn't taught on the course, and so it doesn't yet have audio. But it does exist on the course, as the word chorrag appears in a few sentences. There is audio for 'chorrag', but not 'corrag'. I have a feeling the exercise you did is one of the ones that is randomly generated by Duolingo and so I'm not sure I can do anything about it at the moment. But I'll have a look anyway. :)


OK, móran taing. And thanks, too, for all your efforts so far. I'm really enjoying the course, and as an intermediate learner, I've found it especially good for improving my listening skills.


You're very welcome, I'm glad you're enjoying the course!

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