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Students getting credit for testing out of lessons

When I assign a lesson for practice, I want them to do all 5 lessons. Some students are "testing out" of the unit and my teacher page shows COMPLETE. I want them to do the practice, not test out of the lesson. How can I do this without letting them take a short cut? I can click on each student and see what they did and what dates, but I have over 100 students and I assign 10 lessons per month. This is tedious for me as the teacher.

January 10, 2020



I guess it is time to introduce each 1st-2nd week a written test :-)

Or maybe you should tell them in advance that they well be tested on all the material they are learning and be graded?!

Sometimes we knew 1-2 days ahead that we are going to write a test and that we actually had to learn all the material from the day before (or more).


If they are good enough to test out, why not let them? :)


Because they need practice. Language is a skill which requires working with the vocabulary in different contexts. Taking a test with another tab open to google translate is what they are doing to cheat the process.

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