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  5. "Oidhche mhath, Uilleim."

"Oidhche mhath, Uilleim."

Translation:Good night, William.

January 10, 2020



Looks like William overstayed his welcome again


Related to "Uilliam" in Irish, and its common short form "Liam"


Note that the nominative in Gaelic is Uilleam, very similar to the Irish, as shown in Wikipedia.

William Wallace Statue


No 'a'? Oidhche mhath, a Uilleim?


No a before a vowel in Scotland. (Note this difference if you speak Irish.)

If you are thinking that this name starts with a /w/ which is a consonant then it is certainly close to a consonant - there is not actually a clear-cut boundary between vowels and consonants - but it is more of a vowel in Gaelic then the English William. But however you pronounce it, it counts as a vowel.

As far as I know initial a, e, i, o, u count as vowels and everything else counts as a consonant. Unlike English where y and u are variable, and Welsh where w is.


Thank you! That clarifies it well!

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