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  5. "How is the score?"

"How is the score?"

Translation:Pehea ka helu ʻai?

January 10, 2020



I'm not familiar with this expression. " 'How' is the score" seems to require the response "Just fine thank you." A quality ("fine," or"junk!"), not a number (10 - 7). Is this a common phrase in Hawaiian? I'd have expected something like "He aha ka helu 'ai." No? Can someone explain this phrasing to me please?


What's the score? Its 20 to 14.

How's the score? We're up for now, but things are close.

Use how when you want a description, not just a number.


I would have used ʻehia instead of pehea so that the response would be a number. I agree with your observation about "pehea."


Can this also be correct? 'Ehia ka helu 'ai?


I agree with you. "How is the score?" makes no sense whatsoever. We're up for now, but things are close," is just a teaser - it does not tell you what the score is. Who asks "How" in this case?? Seriously!!


And!! - an earlier exercise in this same lesson was,

"What is the score of the game?" Translation:ʻEhia ka helu ʻai o ka hoʻokūkū?

So, remembering this weird thing about "how" from the last time through this lesson, I used "pehea" on that exercuse (and got it wrong :( ).

I'm confused :(. (Just saying "how" (which as noted sounds stilted in English) doesn't help because I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be learning here?)


quit using this prompt

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