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I started the Scottish Gaelic and found I was having problems. I wanted to go back to the very beginning and start again.

Can I do that?

January 10, 2020



i restarted - i found myself making progress down the tree but was not happy with my level of learning/knowledge

unfortunately you can't restart a lesson or skill - you have to restart the entire course. it's under settings ->learning languages


That's certainly an option but I'd like to point out another option that doesn't lose your progress.

Once you reach level five in a given skill, you can choose to practice just that skill - twenty exercises focusing only on things covered in that skill. I have golden crowned the first few but still go back to them every day, at least twice a day, to go through them and make sure I don't lose them.

That said, I do certainly understand why you'd want to start over - I had considered it a couple of times before I committed to finishing a given skill and found out I could then practice just that one.

Edit: 20-ish exercises, however many are in a lesson ☺️


Tapadh leibh, a charaid


'S e ur beatha! I like what they've done with the platform and I quite like what they have done with this course, but some of the things available aren't always obvious (platform limitations) so when we find them I think it's good to share ☺️


Yeah, go to your profiles and you can reset languages. But you have to be on Scottish Haelic to reset it


Thanks to you two, that is exactly what I wanted to do. Haven't reached the problem of just resetting a skill, as I believe you can redo a skill or lesson, but I couldn't see how to do that at the beginning.

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