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What is the most difficult thing about learning English?

I am an English teacher and I am interested to know what is the most difficult thing related to learning English as a second language. I would be grateful for any though. Thanks!

January 10, 2020



Hi, I am a student and in my opinion I think that speaking and listening will be difficult for the students who do not use English letters and sounds for their native first language, as they are not familiar with the accents. Reading and writing will not be a major issue but overall speaking and listening will be difficult as if in any language, if it is not put into practice. :)


I would say it is the spelling at the beginning. I don't know really, English was a lot easier to learn compared to German.


I teach English to adults, and one of the hardest things I would say is our verb "to get." I get up in the morning, I get a package, I don't get what you are saying, I get tired, I get knocked down but I get up again... It means so many things.


Dang you teach 4 languages? Impressive


"Once you pop, you can't stop." :)


I think the most difficult is understanding what someone is talking to me

[deactivated user]

    It will vary from person to person depending on what other languages they speak. In my own time, Present Perfect Tense was the most difficult thing for me to comprehend. I couldn't get it, it required three different teachers to explain. :D Grammatical gender would've been perplexing, had I not learnt some basics of Russian already. It was still puzzling, since in English there's nothing about the words that would tell you what grammatical gender they should have. The articles... Oh the articles.

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