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"The children cleaned the dirty plates."

Translation:ngop lam luSay'moH puqpu'.

January 10, 2020



The answer is incorrect. The "lu-" prefix is used for the plural third-person subject and singular third-person object. The null prefix ought to be used to indicate they/them. Unless the children were only washing a single plate.


Though the word ngop is used to refer to multiple plates, it refers to them as a single entity and is treated as if it were a singular word.


Note that the word ngop and its singular counterpart jengva' are part of a small class of nouns that work this way. The plural of jenva' plate is ngop plates, not jengva'mey. jengva'mey does mean something, though: it means plates scattered all about. ngopmey plateses, on the other hand, is ungrammatical, and is an error that some Klingon children are known to make.

Here is a list of some other nouns with irregular plurals: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Klingon/Grammar/Plurals/Irregular-Nouns

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