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  5. "غُرْفة اَلْمُهَنْدِس"

"غُرْفة اَلْمُهَنْدِس"

Translation:the engineer's room

January 10, 2020



How would this differ from the indefinite an engineer's room?


Just as you say it in English, remove the "Al" غرقة مهندس


but could that not also mean: a room is an engineer (which is nonsense ofcourse, but just for argument's sake?)


In a previous comment, i read that it is impossible to make a sentence such as 'a room is an engineer.' So im guessing it cant mean that because the word 'room' must be definite (al) to describe it. الغرفة مهندس (the room is an engineer)


precisely, in English "A room" is an engineer, implies a definite, even if there is an "A" present. It is more of a statement than an announcement: In English it is more common to say: Rooms, are engineers. Dogs, are dogs. Friends, are forever. Which can also be: A dog, is a dog. A friend, is forever. Those are statements that translate to definite articles: الغرفة مهندس
الصديق للأبد
الكلب كلب
or plural: الكلاب كلاب

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