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  5. "Tha i bòidheach."

"Tha i bòidheach."

Translation:She is beautiful.

January 10, 2020



Is there a difference in usage between bòidheach and àlainn? Faclair does have some nuances - bòidheach = beautiful, bonny, pretty // àlainn = elegant, beautiful, lovely, splendid - so the latter would seem to be a bit higher-toned. Or are they interchangeable? Tapadh leibh.


Yeah, you've pretty much got it. I'd say bòidheach is more like 'pretty' or 'bonny', whereas àlainn would be 'beautiful'. For that reason, I wouldn't necessarily say they were interchangeable.


I would say the opposite. Alainn = lovely and boidheachd = beautiful Beautiful is given as the correct translation for boidheachd on this question.


Are these two interchangeable with brèagha, as well?


In my language usage yes. I would also use àlainn on occasions of personal qualities, but never bòidheach or brèagha in that context.

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