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  5. "Latha eile, geansaidh eile."

"Latha eile, geansaidh eile."

Translation:Another day, another sweater.

January 10, 2020



Latha eile, dolar eile, 'bheil mi ceart a chàirdean??


Latha eile, not eile ;)


Is this a saying?


But it probably should be for most of the year ;-)


Correct me if I'm wrong, but if it was "An Latha eile, geansaidh eile" would it mean "The next day, another jumper". I've noticed elsewhere that some native speakers tend to say a ’mhadainn eile instead of "an ath mhadainn"


That would be 'the other day'. 'The next day' would be an ath latha :) I'm not sure I've ever heard someone use 'a' mhadainn eile' like that.


Well I heard it on the documentary on BBC Alba with the two girls cycling in the Western Isles. (Kerry 's Kirsty: Rothan gu Robhanais). The commentator said "a' mhadainn eile" and the subtitles said "The next morning". I also heard "an Latha eile" on another programme but I can't remember. There are some good progammes on BBC Alba. Maybe he meant another day and it was translated loosely.


''Another day, another dollar'' is an expression that was often used in Scotland many years ago. My grandfather (1904-1970) used it. A dollar was the term for five shillings (=£0.25) That was easily a day's wages then.


I have seen là written as the word day. Is it an old spelling? Or is it Irish? I have an old calendar with là na Sabaid on it.


Both are absolutely fine and common. You are supposed to use “là” for specific days like “Là na Nollaig’” but this isn’t very widely adhered to in practice.

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