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"The engineer's room is in my office."

Translation:غُرْفة اَلْمُهَنْدِس في مَكْتَبي.

January 10, 2020



how do you put a room in an office? i know you could have an office in a room, but...


What if the engineer is a cat?


How would you say "The engineer's room in my office"?


Well, this will blow your mind because... There is no difference! You should write it exactly the same. So, you must be asking yourself about how an arab person can interpret "The engineer's room is in my office" or "The engineer's room in my office". Honestly, that depends on the context. To an Arab person the sentence: غُرفة اَلمُهندِس في مَكْتَبي That will always mean "The engineer's room is in my office". BUT, if for example I write: غُرفة اَلمُهندِس في مَكْتَبي كَبيرة Now there is an adjetive: big (Kabira). When I added it, Now I need to move the verb "to be" to keep the context. And the translation is: The engineer's room in my office is big. You see? Without an adjetive is unnecessary to translate "The engineer's room in my office". By the way, just a warning: There is no way to confuse the sentence with, for example... "The engineer's room is in my big office" That would be: غُرفة اَلمُهندِس في مَكْتَبي اَلكَبير With a definitive article to understand that big is a characteristic of the office.

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