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Tip: ALWAYS have Streak Freeze on.

Yesterday I forgot to go on Duolingo. (I'm on vacation, without wi-fi most of the day..) and when I remembered I was just too tired. So I thought I had lost my streak forever. I was just thinking 'ehh...whatever..just a streak' but then I went on and it was still there, so I continued it today. Then I realized: I had bought streak freeze and never used it. I just bought another one, because one of these days (maybe tomorrow...) I'll forget again. Streaks are not the most important thing in the world, but hey: It's just 10 lingots and I have plenty. And very helpful. I probably said that twice already. Moral of the story: It will save your Duolingo Streak's life someday...if you have it. ;) This is the first of many helpful tips (wink ;)) from Zilch and Skye, the SUPER KITTIES!!! (My avatar picture, got it online. ;))

July 5, 2014



I am so thankful for streak freezes because I usually take one "unplug" day per month and don't use internet, etc. I already used my first freeze for July 1st and bought another one for August 1st.


I had one one quite some time ago, and I still lost my 85 days streak. Don't really know what happened but oh well! As you said streaks aren't the most important thing, I still have the knowledge acquired through those 85 days. :)


Hi Lamarz, here is all of the info for how streaks and streak freezes work: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Faq#What_are_streaks_and_streak_freezes.3F

I hope this helps! ^_^


It occurred to me a while ago that after 1000 days a streak becomes self-sustaining, because 100+ lingots would be earned from the streak every ten days and ten Freezes costs 100 lingots. The only action on the part of the user would be to buy a new freeze every day (or better yet, write a scheduled script to do it). At my slow rate of progress I may hit that milestone before I finish the Spanish tree!


Even before that because of double or nothing...


Ah, I just lost my 53 day steak by two minutes! So frustrating. I definitely should have put streak freeze on, but I thought duo would be smart enough to give a few minutes grace period after midnight rolls around... guess not haha. Ah well, here is to a new streak!


Always remember to buy insurance before you go somewhere ;)


I have a streak-freeze related question: Does streak freeze count as a practice or does it just freeze the count until the following day? For example, if I was on day 119, and I used my streak freeze, and then practiced the following day, would that day be 120 or 121?

Obviously I haven't used one or I'd know the answer :p


It doesn't count as a practice day, it just freezes you where you were the previous day. So you'd stay at 119 then go to 120, not skip to 121.


Thank you so much for this!

I somehow thought that you had to buy the streak freeze the day before you used it. I didn't know you could have it turned on to catch you in that one-day slip.


It is helpful. I bought mine months ago and have never used it.


I've been at an intense all-day training program with lots of homework at night. I've managed to sneak in a LITTLE translation so keep my streak -- but it does feel good to know that my Streak Freeze is there as a back up....

thanks for the help cats.


How do you put that font...


So true!! Streak Freeze is a life saver!!! Thanks for bringing that up :)


That's interesting. I am up to 370 days so I am keen to keep going. When I go to streak freeze its 'greyed out' and says equipped. Does that mean that I am protected? When I enquired with Duolingo the email I got made me think that I had to buy one (with $) as I had previously bought one with Lingots. Your post makes me think that I might be protected for the next time.

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