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The Hindi Learning Profile

I tried the Hindi profile the other day and the way they teach the lessons seems unnaturally difficult because there's not just an association with the phonetic sound to the Hindi character, you also have to learn a relationship to the phonetic sound and a Latin character with accent marks and the relationship between the Latin character and the Hindi character. That was really difficult for me, it seems like it would have been so much easier if the lesson would have just focused on the relationship between the phonetic sound and the Hindi character, throwing Latin characters in the mix adds two more levels of complexity. And you can't just ignore the Latin characters either because some slides leave out the sound all together and you have to remember which accented Latin character goes with which Hindi Character. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm not sure I'm going to continue with Hindi because of this issue.

January 11, 2020



I have finished the entire course and am now doing the one in the opposite direction. I understand your difficulty because I have been there. Let me share a few remarks that I hope will encourage you to continue with the course.

The association with Latin characters is only made in the first five units to get acquainted with the devanagari script. Then, it is only devanagari script and one can completely forget about Latin characters. I recommend using your keyboard for typing Hindi, for example with the intuitive phonetic layout (some call it bolnagari), because it makes it easier to memorize.

Overall, I find this course to be very high quality, because a conscious effort was made by the contributors to keep everything consistent. The mapping to Latin follows an ISO standard. I found only very few mistakes and most of them were fixed since then.

It is clear to me that the creators of this course are very knowledgeable, master linguistics, and relied on specialized literature, having also seen some more detailed grammatical explanations on the forum. I am looking forward to the course being extended, but I am aware that this requires considerable efforts and time.

Consistency is the most important aspect for learning. Learning a language with a different alphabet takes considerably more efforts, but in the end, perseverance pays off.


The hindi course is also super short for some reason most learning material for hindi and other south Asian languages is of very poor quality


It would yet be better to be able to write the sounds with our alphabet, so you do not always have o swich to the word bank. You can learn way better, if you don't use the word bank.


I normally install the target language keyboard on my phone and desktop anyway so I can type. But the lessons seem to force you to learn an accented latin character association to the sound and to the Hindi character, rather than just letting the user learn the Hindi sound/Hindi character association.


It's annoying, but if you can just push through it and get to the lessons where you learn actual words rather than characters, it gets MUCH better. One upside is that they use the same Latinizations that you see in situations when Hindi is written with Latin characters. It's not uncommon, in my experience, to run across this, and I can sound them out without sounding too ridiculous (just a little ridiculous). So it does have a practical purpose, even though it's infuriating.

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