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Scrolling problem in new layout

since yesterday there is a new layout to questions - they come with pictures attached to them. On phone with android this often causes the area to type in answers to be to small - requiring a lot of srolling to see what is typed in. Often it is so small you cannot even see the first line you typed. This is very annoying, sice the pictures are not good for anything. How can this be fixed?

January 11, 2020




have you done any app update to a newer version from the Google Play store?

Quote: How can this be fixed?

Temporarily you can either fix this by using the www.duolingo.com web portal or by downgrading to a previous (older) app version which does not use/support this new type of questions.

You can also open a bug report here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

It would be good if could add screenshots to show them what is broken on specific devices / screen size.


Thanks I did not update anything. the new layout just popped up yesterday

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