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  5. "Ann an ospadal."

"Ann an ospadal."

Translation:In a hospital.

January 11, 2020



How do you say in the hospital? Would you use 'anns an t-ospadal'


Unfortunately all the rules you have learnt about the article so far apply only to the nominative/accusative. Soon you will learn new rules for the dative, the form used after prepositions. But very crudely, the article behaves as if the noun were feminine, hence no t-.

That's why they didn't ask you in the hospital.


Anns an ospadal or San ospadal.


Shouldn't this be the hospital not a hospital? The dictionary hints say an is "the" but the word Choices only allow you to say a hospital. There is no "the" to click on even though the dictionary hints say the is the correct translation of "an"


Confusingly ann an means 'in'. You might think it meant in the, but you can tell the difference because anns is the word for 'in' before the article.

This causes endless confusion until explained. See here for example.


Verbatim translation aside, what is more common in Gaelic? Assume I get a call asking me where I am, in English the more probable answer is "I'm in the hospital". What would be more normal in Gaelic? Or do they imply different things?

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