"Bye, James."

Translation:Tìoraidh, a Sheumais.

January 11, 2020



It struck me a long while ago when I first tried learning Gaelic, that there were quite a few folk about who were going through life with forenames based on the Gaelic vocative, presumably to make them sound "more Gaelic" (which I have to wonder about when they live in the Central Belt) - Mhairi (and I've even seen Vhairi!!) rather than Mairi, Mhorag rather than Morag. Hamish rather than Seumas/James for example. I also wonder if Horace is based on a Sheòras? And it just struck me that Laura isn't a million miles from a Fhlòraidh - hmmm. And I also just spotted that probably the commonest spelling of Neil must also be based on the vocative of Niall.


I believe you're right about Neil, but Horace and Laura both come from Latin. :)


Thanks, Joanne. Indeed - but isn't it interesting how alike the sounds are. :)


This isvwhat really frustrates me. James having TWO spellings! ( Seumas & Sheumais) with no explanation as to why or how to pick one eithervshould be accepted!


Seumas is the basic form of the name. I'm James = Is mise Seumas. Sheumais is the vocative, the form used when addressing him. Good morning, James = madainn mhath, a Sheumais. This is explained in the Tips, and is worth getting to grips with, it comes up a lot.


how do I access the tips? i've never seen anything regards tips. If this is unavailable on the app how is that constructive in learning? surely this needs to be available across the learning platform. If as a learner you think you are doing right and keep getting it wrong this will only frustrate and discourage moving forward surely! am only pointing out how I feel not picking fault or being totally negative but it just doesn't seem right to have an app that is not fully functional. I use the app on my phone rather than the laptop so really to get full benefit of the course I need to use the laptop and not the phone app, is that the reality?


The tips are not available on the app, I believe, but the link to the page has been posted a few times, and also on the Facebook page. They're available for every segment. I know nothing about the reasoning behind their not being available on the app, I think it's a Duolingo thing not specific to this course, the devisers have no control. The link has got "duome" and Gaelic in it, but I don't have it to hand. Someone did post them all as a pdf on Fb the other day, come to think of it.


Um... In earlier lessons, we spelled it "Sèumas"? I'm seeing an "i" added (or taken away, in poor Tormoid's case) intermittently in this lesson...


Can you access the Tips, on a PC/laptop? They're not available in the app. They explain that in the vocative, with masculine names, there's lenition, if possible, and an added I before the final consonant, so "a Sheumais", "a Thormoid". Feminine names just get the lenition, where possible.

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