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"Ciamar a tha thu a-nis? Chan eil gu dona."

Translation:How are you now? Not bad.

January 11, 2020



Does "Chan eil dona" work for, "Not bad" ? I wasnt sure whether adding "gu" brought it closer to "Not too bad"


https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/gu#Scottish_Gaelic The wiktionary entry helped me. In this context gu doesnt 'mean' anything it makes dona into an adverb. The meaning then, as I understand it, might be better translated as 'not badly' as in I am not 'doing' (verb) badly (adverb) if that makes sense. Mods please correct me if I'm wrong!


I thought "Chan eil dona" meant "Not bad"? What does adding "gu" do for the sentence?


Query: Does this work without "dona"? I'm sure I'd heard "Chan eil dona" previously - not in this course. Tapadh leibh.


Your question doesn't make sense. What would you have without dona? Did you mean without 'gu'? It would be a bit more colloquial I suspect.


So would that work for "Tha gu math"? I am goodly?


Would that not mean "good" as an adverb. I am good would be "tha mi gu math" I don't know the answer I'm mostly guessing!


It obviously doesn't work as a literal translation, but the intent is the same.


The adverb version of good is 'well', so it would be I am well.

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