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Is Farsi on its way?

Hi guys,

So, I have been a happy user of Duolingo for about a year (even though I have had a loooong break from my Spanish)

So, the reason I even signed up for Duolingo in the first place was to learn my mother tongue even better; Farsi.

I can see that discussions have been around for about five years and nothing has happened yet.

So my question is; does anyone know if Farsi is on its way? Is there anything one can do for the process to speed up? The forum can be very confusing and multiple people write that you should upvote your language of wanting at the official thread; but there are multiple threads so yeah; confusing :-)

Have nice day!

January 11, 2020



Hi Aida,

I just took a look at the incubator page and I don't see Farsi anywhere yet. I think that, what with all the talk about it, as well as the recent unfortunate events in the region, it should come sooner or later. Now that they've added Arabic they've got the script (more or less) so that's a start at least.

I've been wanting them to introduce Urdu. I figured it should be relatively simply being almost identical to Hindi but with a different script so they'd mostly need to just change the writing. I can read Arabic script, but Hindi script has challenged me. So Farsi or Urdu would be preferable.


Actually it’s not that identical to Hindi, it’s similar but there not the same:p ✌️from someone who speaks Urdu. You should probably learn Farsi first since Urdu was literally persianized and created by the Mughals. Also they are a lot of words that share the same meaning in Urdu not just with Hindi but with Pashto, Farsi, Turkish and Arabic, there’s a few words in Indonesian too.


I read somewhere that the distance between Hindi and Urdu changes depending on the register being spoken. For example, in everyday language on the street, the two are very similar, but in very formal speech, they are much more different, with the formal register of Urdu becoming more Persianized and that of Hindi becoming more Sanskritized. Is that an accurate description?


Yes, that sounds accurate from the limited amount that I know. As you're saying, the more formal, the more likely you are to come across words that stem from Persian/Arabic in Urdu, and Sanskrit in Hindi.


I'm confused. Duolingo is a beginner's course (up to intermediate depending on the language); how will it help you to learn your mother tongue?

Manĝu terpomojn kaj feliĉiĝu!


Very simple; a language can be your mother tongue (because your mother grew up with it and speaks it), but you still wouldn't be able to speak in that language (because you were born, raised, and schooled in a different country, e.g. immigration to a different country from your father-, or mother land).


That's not normally what "mother tongue" means. Usually it is synonymous with one's native language. What you are describing is often called a heritage language.

It is possible to begin learning a language early in life but forget it through disuse (if for example, your family immigrates when you are three or four), but that only occurs at a very young age, so that forgotten language would not count as your native language.



Manĝu terpomojn kaj feliĉiĝu!


True; I guess, that's what I meant but didn't clarify well; Sorry!


Then what is your native language in that scenario?


If you lived in, say, Hong Kong for your first three years and started to learn Cantonese, but then moved with your family to LA and only heard English at school, on TV, at home, English would be your native language. It's the one you think in.

I've heard that exact scenario from a lot of first generation Americans. A friend told me, for example, that his parents had such a hard time learning English, they were terrified their kids wouldn't pick it up and enforced an English-only household. The drop-off rate by generation for Hispanic Americans being fully bilingual is seen almost as a crisis where I live in the Southwest.


I hope it comes sometime too!


Perhaps after Layla and Majnun are finally able to be together (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Layla_and_Majnun).


I'm sorry but no. Not even close. You can check the language incubator. The Farsi course hasn't been started yet... https://incubator.duolingo.com/


No it is probably never coming you need to find a different place to learn it there are plenty of other places to learn it online don't bother waiting for it.


Add Dari pwease uwu


Farsi for English speakers very much needs to be a Duolingo course. I always list it first in my request list. I want to see all native Farsi speakers who are on Duolingo coordinate to apply at the same time to start it.


If they add it I would like to learn it too


You can use the app “learn languages with ling” it has Farsi and a lot of other languages imo it’s pretty accurate


Hi Aida, I intended to learn Farsi as well. Farsi is a magnificent language. In India, almost every language has some influence of Farsi. I would love to learn an opulent language such as Farsi. But duo is not responding...... I had to take an Arabic Course.......

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