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  5. "We have no bananas."

"We have no bananas."

Translation:pagh banan naHmey DIghaj.

January 11, 2020



was rejected and given as an correct solution, with underlined, indicating the error, Besides I had an apostrope set wrong, I thought that Dighaj would translate to !!! here did disappear (enclosed in "<" and">": we, them have !!! making the explicit plural suffix dispensable? Help highly appreciated.


I can't tell what you wrote, but you are correct that with the DI- prefix, the plural is unambiguous with or without the -mey suffix. I found and repaired a little error in the sentence coding, which should make your answer show up as correct next time through.

Thanks for reporting.


Oops. Lost some lines in the posting process in these lines I described what I wrote and what was displayed as a correct solution :-(. as far as I remember I tried: banan naH DIghajbe' and was given: banan naHmey DIghajbe' with the naHmey underlined. Can the use of pointy parentheses have contributed to / caused the phenomenon of disappearing lines?I used "<" and ">" to mark my answer and Duos proposal.

Thx a lot for reading and reacting on just a stub of a post!

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