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Couldn't have done this without Duolingo!

Hello! So, at my school, every year the world language teachers pick a few students that they think perform very well in class and show enthusiasm for the language they learn. The chosen students get to travel to another school and compete with other students from different schools.

Thanks to Duolingo, I got chosen as one of the students! I give credit to Duolingo for teaching me things that are above my grade level. If I didn't use Duolingo, I wouldn't be able to do this well in my French class.

So, thanks Duo!

EDIT: Thanks for the nice comments! I'll give you guys upvotes since there are too many to reply to!

EDIT 2: oh my gawd this is getting VERY popular, tysm for being so nice!

EDIT 3: To the 2 people who gave me 50 and 72 lingots, ty! This is getting so popular and it's making me happy since French class has become one of my least favorite classes =P

January 11, 2020



Congratulations! You will enjoy France even more when you go there.


I have seen pictures of france and I think it looks really nice there!


Great news! I'm happy for you. Maybe someday you will visit France.


Thanks! And I hope to visit France when I'm more advanced.


If you read the French contributor updated "tips and notes" I guess you will boost your French level even more: http://www.duome.eu/tips/en/zz

The new mobile tips from staff which you can access on the app or the web with the lightbulb button are a bit different.

Wish you all the success in your upcoming competitions.


Thanks for the website! It's very helpful!



This PDF of Duo notes created by Dante de la Fuente is a great review for your competitions.

For free college level practice, use thee ELFE exercises.


Wow you know a lot about France!


That looked really helpful. Do they exist for other languages?


Amazing, my school never did that.


Neither does mine.... 8^(


Tres bien SlytherinSavage.

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