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  5. "Kūlauna nā leo."

"Kūlauna leo."

Translation:The voices are in harmony.

January 11, 2020



In harmony is a stative and harmonizing is a verb. One of the sentences, E hīmeni kūlauna kākou - is translated: Let's harmonize. So perhaps: Ke hīmeni kūlauna nei lākou, means: they are harmonizing. Aloha


Mahalo nui no kokua


What is the difference between "harmonizing" and "in harmony? " How would you say their voices are harmonizing? Would that be "E kūlauna ana nā leo?"


same question. In English when a group is singing the same melody we could say they are singing in harmony, but harmonizing has a different meaning where different voices are singing different notes. If you want to hear that listen to Fijian church music chicken skin!


Predent continous is with "enei", "ana" is for the future

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