Level 23

Just want to celebrate getting here!

January 11, 2020


Good job! It does take much effort.

CONGRATS!!! ("o)/

Thank you to Both!

OMG and to all those people giving me lingots!!! I just saw...thank you! How sweet.

how long did it take for you? I started 6 days ago and got to level 13 but i think from this point on it will just get harder and slower to advance further!

It gets progressively more difficult to level up. See and scroll down.

i think about 45 days? I started out very fast as well, basically did Duo and twitter and one other micro obsession, all day. I apparently clocked 66 hours during the first stretch of 10 days, as per an email from DL. Which sounds like an insane amount of not sure if it is necessarily true, but I definitely did entire discs (skills) at one go, sometimes more.

So that might give you an idea. So it was a lot in the beginning. But after the second or third week, I started getting concerned about retention, and also it slows down organically as the brain gets overheated...I am sure that stage differs for everyone.

I was trying to may be think that i was in one of those immersion programs, since I had the time at hand, and worked intensively.

Better to learn well than learn fast and forget even faster. I hope it sticks. I do do checks often sometimes it is very good and sometimes super scary as I struggle a lot to remember.

Good luck, or is it Bonne chance!

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