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  5. "Seo Mòrag, tha i toilichte."

"Seo Mòrag, tha i toilichte."

Translation:This is Morag, she is happy.

January 11, 2020



Is Morag a female name? Like Morgan?


Mòrag is a feminine name. -ag is a common feminine diminutive suffix.

But Morgan can be either. There is loads of discussion of this on the Welsh Duolingo site, although the one that occurs most often in the questions appears to be male. Lots of people there seem to be surprised that Morgan can be male, but these are presumably people who do not know who this famous actor is

Morgan Freeman


Who is that Free man? My sister Morgan and I are confused!


Yep, it's the diminutive form of Mòr, meaning Marion.


I still can not hear the difference between seo seall


Does anyone know why they use i e and cho in other practices before being able to know what it means

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