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  5. "Tha ceann mòr agam."

"Tha ceann mòr agam."

Translation:I have a big head.

January 11, 2020



Hmmm, this is a "type what you hear" question, so "Tha ceann mòr agam." is correct in that this is what was said, however, I thought that the correct way to say "I have a big head." is "Tha ceann mòr orm." No?


Haha yeah, if you use 'orm', it means that your own head is big. If you use 'agam', it means you are in possession of a big head. Not your own. :)


Yes, that's my point. In other discussions it was mentioned to not use "agam" in this instance, so I'm not sure it's a good idea for the course to have this question - it may reinforce an incorrect usage and confuse people (like me).


Be very afraid! (wish I could drop an emoji showing shock)


I thought this must be some odd idiom I'd never come across. Nope! Turns out it's just an odd Duo sentence. :P

One wonders where he got the head from ...


I think they should remove this sentence.

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