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"Please wait" at the end of an exercise

It seems that there is a problem with the exercises today. When I finish a new topic the screen freezes on "Please wait" and never moves on (usually it is slow but now it just doesn't go any farther). I have tried with Chrome and Safari. Does anyone else have the same problem?

January 11, 2020



It has been happening now for a while. Many people have written about it. I have submitted a bug report but nobody seems to want to fix it. It's getting beyond annoying now. FIX IT please!


The problem of hanging at the end of a lesson now seems to be fixed, at least for me using a Samsung tablet. Thank you very much.


it happened to me for the first time today. I use chrome.


I have the same problem. I suspect it might be the internet service but I never had the problem before less than a month ago and now my practices never go through.


Ive been experiencing this for a week now as well. Its taking the fun out of learning cus the browser interface is the best (when it works). Im using the mobile app just to keep my streak alive.


Yes, I get it too. But, sometimes and not always, if I click the X button and it warns me that I may lose all my work, and I do another exercise the points for both have been added have been added.


Nice that you are getting the points. Im losing all my work (and points). I cant complete lessons or practice using the web browser :( Have to maintain my streak and do all my lessons on the phone app which is lacks a lot of the good online features


Yes it started happening when I was almost at the second checkpoint in French. I have to do almost every lesson twice. I have tried Safari and Chrome and different Wifi's.

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