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  5. "Ho un vestito da sera."

"Ho un vestito da sera."

Translation:I have an evening dress.

April 28, 2013



Can someone explain why "da" is used? Shouldn't this say "Ho un vestito di sera" or "Ho un vestito della sera?" I'm a bit confused over this one.

March 30, 2014


Typically, "da" is typically used to express a noun of type "x". Conversely, "di" is typically used to express possession. Un vestito da sera is a specific type of dress, i.e. an evening dress. La bottiglia da limonata is "the bottle of lemonade", etc.

July 8, 2014


So for the lemonade you have a special bottle "bottiglia da limonata"... never heard that before... "bottiglia da vino" (wine bottle), "bottiglia di vino" (bottle of wine).

February 14, 2019


Think about differences between "vestito da ragazza" and "vestito della ragazza";first is a dress to be used by girls in general, last is a specific girl's dress

May 1, 2014


shjasani is asking why we can't use "di" instead of "da." We understand that the article isn't used in this case.

June 18, 2014


I think calixtojj perfectly explained why we can't use "di" here instead of "da".

August 21, 2017


Prep. DA uses to clarify the purpose of uses while prep. DI is the possession or materials Il vestito da sera: use that dress at night only. Il vestito di lana: A wool dress.

September 19, 2019


My mistake :)) in the evening party not at night.

September 19, 2019


interesting that in English English "an evening dress" is not the same as "evening dress", how does Italian handle that?

June 24, 2013


"evening dress" advises the reader that a certain style of clothes are required, so different for men and for women etc.

an evening dress is a particular dress or suit that one might have in the wardrobe, in this case it is not generic but a specific piece of clothing

February 11, 2014


In the US we tend to say evening gown. Would that be a different word in Italian.

January 1, 2018


It probably uses abbigliamento or something.

July 23, 2013


What is the difference?

February 10, 2014


Why doesn't nightgown work?

December 20, 2013


a nightgown is something a woman would wear to bed, not at an evening party.

December 21, 2013


She would attract a lot of attention though! ;-)

January 17, 2015


I agree. Duo says both evening dress & night dress are possible translations. An evening dress is for formals. A night dress is sleeping attire.

November 9, 2017


I agree. Duo says both evening dress & night dress are possible translations. An evening dress is for formals. A night dress is sleeping attire.

November 9, 2017


lol. There is old wisdom that says that in order to relax the stage fright that occurs from performing in front of a large audience one should imagine them in their underwear! ... the notion of it being so ludicrous, it should help one lighten up and relax.

February 23, 2014


I think "vestito da sera" is better translated as "evening gown" than "evening dress."

February 22, 2014


I'm not sure if my answer should be accepted or not... I put "I have a dress for evening".

April 28, 2013


that's not a grammatically correct sentence in English, (It should be "for THE evening", and even that translates to "Ho un vestito per la sera" or something like that, I'm not sure) "I have an evening dress" is much better.

November 18, 2013


I agree, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that comment.

November 18, 2013


Nothing wrong with your sentence in english!

June 6, 2014


Well it really does need an article before "evening", otherwise the word order should be swapped to "I have an evening dress".

June 7, 2014


Agreed. While the sentence sounds a bit awkward, it is NOT grammatically incorrect. "I have a dress for evening" is a statement of ownership of an evening gown (Again, it is slightly awkward, and would probably not be used except in the most specific of circumstances where one is required to dress different ways throughout the day, like in olden times. However, it is not grammatically incorrect. )

Conversely, "I have a dress for the evening" is an acknowledgement that you do in fact have a dress for this evening's festivities, etc.

July 8, 2014


In English, 'an' cannot be placed before a word starts with same-sounding-vowel. It cannot be 'an evening dress', but, 'a evening dress' would be appropriate.

July 7, 2014


Actually Tapa, you have that backwards. :-) "An evening dress" is correct. "A evening dress" does not work.

July 8, 2014


In English any vowel (a,e,i,o,u) has to have a 'an' in front of it in order to be grammatically correct within a sentence with the correct context.

January 19, 2015


Unless there is a pronounced consonant before the written initial vowel, e.g. 'a university' gains a 'y' before the 'u' when pronounced.

September 16, 2018


That's what I put and it was counted wrong.

January 5, 2015


The correct answer is "...a outfit" REALLY?

July 8, 2014


"i have an outfit for the evening" is correct. This answer said that the correct answer is "i have a outfit for the evening" -- not proper english, yo.

October 12, 2014


I put 'I have an evening suit' which was on the hints, but was marked wrong and told outfit was correct. I thought vestito was unisex so expected suit to be right. Thoughts any one please

October 9, 2018


Me too!

January 28, 2019


Abito da sera is evening suit - just googled t!

January 28, 2019


report it, it is clearly wrong

January 28, 2019


A quick question for the native speakers - is "vestito di sera" also a valid translation of "evening dress"? Grazie!

July 22, 2013


Dressed in the evening/ at night = vestito di sera/ di notte (In the morning/ afternoon he/ she is undressed.

August 27, 2013


I put 'this'evening rather than 'the' evening (and it was incorrect). In Italian, how would you said I have a dress for 'this' evening?

January 23, 2014


You use stasera for tonight. So I guess, I have a dress for this evening is, " Ho un vestito per stasera"

April 8, 2014


translation : I have an evening dress

December 7, 2013


could It also be "Ho un vestito per sera "

July 20, 2014


I guess, but it wouldn't be as time specific.

January 19, 2015


This is a very confusing sentence!

September 10, 2014


What about 'I have a dress for tonight'? That should've been accepted...

December 30, 2014


"I have a dress for tonight" would be : ho un vestito per stasera

January 4, 2015


For the Italian phrase, "Ho un vestito da sera.", one suggested solution is, "I have a outfit for the evening." This is not correct English; "a outfit" should read "an outfit."

January 23, 2015


Is abito da sera the same as vestito da sera?

March 28, 2017


Seriously "ho" really disappears in this one. Must be a magical evening dress!

July 25, 2017


Could it be Da used here for feminine noun "sera"?! As previously we saw the sentences as " una bottiglia di vino" " una bottiglia da limonata"... What do you think?!!!!

June 11, 2018


I googled around and I believe I found the answer. It is because "da" is used to describe what an object is used for. This is a dress for the evening not made of the evening (which would make no sense). Whereas when we say "una bottiglia di vino" we are NOT saying the bottle is FOR wine, we are saying it's a bottle OF WINE.

From a website regarding "da": "4) To indicate purpose, ending (fine):

Carte da gioco - Playing cards

Sala da pranzo - Lunchroom

Spazzolino da denti - Toothbrush

Abito da sera - Evening dress"

September 27, 2018


Pretty sure I'll never say that sentence in Italy!

February 15, 2019


"Abito da sera", "vestito da sera", both are OK.

February 15, 2019


I typed "an outfit", which is apparently wrong and should be "a outfit"... interesting...

March 5, 2019


"I have an evening suit" is wrong o__O

June 25, 2019


I put that, you are not alone!

July 22, 2019


Why isn't suit accepted in the place of dress? The definition says vestito can be suit.

September 3, 2019


Vestito, why can't it be an evening suit, because i do not have an evening dress.

September 9, 2019
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