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  5. Not able to access tree?


Not able to access tree?

When I try to go to my Duolingo trees, I can only see this blank, nothing else. The forum seems to be working fine (for now) and duome and Imgur seem to be working fine as well, so I'm pretty sure it's not a connection problem. (Update: I tried to use another tab to access the forum to check that my post was meeting all of the troubleshooting rules, and it came up blank. Sites other than Duolingo are still working fine, however.)
Here is a screenshot:

I am using Chrome, the latest version to my knowledge, on an HP Laptop. Duolingo is working on Microsoft Edge (which I would prefer not to use). The Duo servers don't appear to be down. Any advice?

January 11, 2020



Please open the Web Console and show the JavaScript errors.

Quote: I am using Chrome, the latest version to my knowledge,

Can you check the concrete version number?

An empty page rendering on the Home/Learn page usually is related to older Firefox or Chrome browsers when used with Duolingo: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34183811

Or maybe the browser number (latest update)? is too new.....just guessing.

What is your operating system and version?
Any recent updates?

I agree, the Duolingo servers have been slow, especially at the end of a learning session.


The Chrome version is "Version 79.0.3945.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)" which seems to be the most recent version. Duo still is not working on Chrome. I am using Windows 10 Home version 1909 with the OS build 18363.535. Could I ask what you plan to do with this info?


Not sure, but there seemed to be long loading on Duolingo for me. (I use chrome pc). Especially the forums for me. For a while I couldn't even buy a streak freeze because it loaded so much!

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