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"The traitor pretended to serve the chancellor."

Translation:Qang toy' 'e' ghet maghwI'.

January 11, 2020



Is there any information on whether "Qang toy' 'e' ghet maghwI'" or "Qang toy' maghwI' 'e' ghet" more idiomatic?


We've seen similar Klingon phrases that go both ways. For instance, we know of the romuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI' Romulan hunter-killer probe, where the subject of both relative clauses gets put at the end. And of course we have sentences where the subject goes on the first verb, like SuDbogh Dargh 'ej wovbogh the tea is yellow.

We don't have any information on when it's okay to do one or the other. Without any other information, you can pretty much use either or both as you like.

My guess is that you want to state the subject soon enough that your audience doesn't forget how the sentence started by the time you get to it. When you've got something really short, it probably doesn't matter.

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