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Unable to see the golden owl in Duome

I completed the Scottish Gaelic tree upto level 2. But still the Duome is not showing that progress and I can not see any golden own for my progress in Gaelic on Duome.

It is saying that I have learnt 1216 out of 1217 words. Is it a technical glitch or something which I have missed ?

Here is my post about the same in Troubleshoot forum https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36007324

January 12, 2020



The 1217 includes character challenges I think. So it might be that there is one character challenge you haven't come across yet.


Where to access the character challenge?


Duome is not even run by Duolingo staff, much less by the contributors or moderators of the Gaelic course. You might get lucky and have someone who works on or knows a lot about Duome that stops by here, but don't expect it. Maybe your post in Troubleshooting will have better luck.

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