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  5. "This is a big cupboard."

"This is a big cupboard."

Translation:Seo preas mòr.

January 12, 2020



I wonder where the verb is in that sentence?


I'm far from being an expert but I believe, when used in this way you don't need a separate verb because 'seo' here means 'this is'. It's like when introducing somebody "Seo Màiri" = "This is Mairi". If however, you wanted to say "this big cupboard" it would be "an preas mòr seo"


"Is" can be left out when it’s obviously a copula sentence. Especially true with seo and sin. You hear this in spoken Irish too, but writing is a bit more conservative.


I am so confused between sin and seo. I am constantly getting it wrong and cant tell when im meant to use one or the other!


Seo = this. Sin = that. If you commit that to memory, you'll be fine.

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