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  5. "La strada è libera."

"La strada è libera."

Translation:The street is free.

July 6, 2014



Would this be more like "The street is clear" as in free from traffic? Other than price, as an American English speaker, I don't ever recall hearing that a street was "free" only "empty" or "clear".


"In Italy most autostrade (the Italian for motorways, or freeways) are toll roads. Major exceptions are the beltways around some larger cities (tangenziali) which are not part of a thoroughfare motorway, and the section of the A3 motorway between Salerno and Reggio di Calabria which is operated by the government-owned A.N.A.S. S.p.A.. Both are toll free." [Wikipedia]


That sense of the word 'free' (i.e. without cost) would translate as 'gratuito/a'. 'libero/a' is 'free' in the sense of 'liberated' or 'unobstructed'.


Ah. That makes sense. I haven't lived in places where there were toll-roads when I was living there, so it's not been much of a part of my experience on a daily basis. Thanks.



Very interesting information! So, how do we say "toll free" in Italian?

Grazie mille per la vostra risposta.


esente da pedaggio


The sentence last used: WWII


Clearly, the street is not under arrest, or has been released on bail


"the way is clear" should be accepted as well.


that would be said differently in italian!


If "strada" also means "path" and "libera" also means "clear" then saying to someone "the path is free" or "clear" is proper english even if you're saying it to a driver.

Actually, it is better English than the answer provided in DUO "the street is free." In reality, unless you're saying that the street costs nothing, "the street is free" is somewhat of an incomplete sentence as in "the street is free" "of what" exactly or "from what" exactly.

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