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Do you have / Have you got

I appreciate it's not easy to provide for all possible variations of what might be deemed correct answers, but I keep getting an error for writing "Have you got ..." when the software wants "Do you have ..."

"Do you have" sounds wrong to me; I would say "have you got a car/flat/dog etc."

January 12, 2020



Please report them as you come across them, it's the easiest way for us to fix them :)


Thank you, I'll try to remember to do that!


For what it's worth, possibly not much, I agree that the two constructs are pretty much the same in meaning. However, to my ear, there's a difference in tone between "do you have" and "have you got". "Do you have" feels slightly more polite or courteous. But there's not much between them. I would definitely use both or either phrase.

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