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Chaos and confusion

I tried to set up Duolingo for my wife, whose first language is Dutch, on her computer. Whatever I tried, I always landed on pages for people speaking Spanish. I speak four languages fluently, but Spanish is not one of them. Googling around, I found that Duolingo offers only Dutch ==> English. My wife speaks good English. Next, I tried to set up an account for her for English ==> French. No way. I could only get Spanish ==> French. In desperation, I tried from my own phone. You guessed it. I could only get Spanish ==> French. However, this time English ==> French was added to MY account. At least I could delete THAT. Now having a double whiskey to drown my frustration. If this is the best way to learn a foreign language we're doomed.

January 12, 2020



Go here: https://www.duolingo.com/courses

Select "I speak English" from the drop down at top right
Click the flag for the language you want to learn


First you have to choose the language to learn (French) then the I speak language (english). hope that helps. Prost


Thank you for reacting. This manoeuvre was actually covered by "Whatever I tried". If I click on the French flag first, I no longer have the possibility to change the source language. If I change to source language to "Yo habla Ingl├ęs" it continues in Spanish. If I refresh the screen after changing the source language it changes it back to Spanish. I feel I am missing a "save" button somewhere.


Open Duolingo.com, now before you sign in or get started change the Site language on the top right to englisch. That should do the trick

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