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How popular is Scottish Gaelic?

I'm just spending some days on the Scottish Gaelic course and am enjoying it. What are others thoughts on the course.

January 12, 2020



It's great, I think it's the best course I've done on here. Really well designed and the notes are so fun! The only downside is how short it is but it's new so hopefully more will be added in the future.


Really enjoying it,i hated languages at school( many moons ago) but this makes it fun,and its led me through orm and ort ! If and when i finish The course ìm going to take à distance learning course òr evening class .Well done to The folks who contributed to this tapadh leibh agus slàinte


I think it is a very well-designed course with great notes! I especially like the incorporation of Scottish culture and geography (i.e. several Scottish town names and, of course, IRN BRU!)


Scottish Gaelic is quite an exotic experience, I wish I could dedicate more time for learning it. I'm trying to memorise the words by associating them with something familiar - mòr is like 'Roger Moore' and beag is like Finnish for 'pikku-' (little). Also cù reminds me of Finnish 'haukku' (dog's bark, or a nickname for dog). I expect to discover even more similar, strangely familiar expressions.


It's very well done and I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm also learning a lot of Scottish geography on the side because I have to look up so many place names, haha.


That may be part of why I enjoy the content so much - Stornoway and Lewis are a bit of a "home away from home" and seeing them mentioned so often is very heartwarming ☺️


I'm really enjoying it. Watching the BBC Alba Ceilidh at Hogmanay, and understanding little bits of it, was probably a watershed moment for me - it went from being black and white 'theory' to a full , HD, colour language... plus it helped that the folk on screen were clearly having a great time!

Can't thank the course creators enough for the effort they've put in. The only negative I can think of is that, with the rate that I'm going through the course, I wish there was more content, but I suppose that will come in time. Meanwhile, I'll be hitting the 'Speaking Our Language' videos on the learngaelic.scot website, amongst other resources.


Also enjoying it! Having messed around in Irish for a bit, it's also really interesting to see how they are alike and how they differ.


It's fab...really hope it will be expanded in the future


I've enjoyed it so far. I would like to learn some more vocabulary beyond the 1,200 words!


This has to be the best course I've tried so far on Duolingo. A lot of thought has gone into teaching us language that is actually useful in real-life. I found when I was doing Portuguese, for example, I was learning about bears and penguins which is pretty pointless unless I go to the zoo. Here, I learn about guga, haggis and herring, and, of course, Irn Bru! And the extensive section on weather - how useful to be able to say it's sunny but it's not warm! Welcome to Scotland! There is a lot of humour and personality in the notes too. Tha i glè mhath. Tapadh Leibh!


I'm loving it with all the cultural references in the course. I've never been able to even remotely speak with a Scottish accent until now. Ha ha. Those rolled letter sounds are easier. My youngest son is also learning with me and we talk back and forth. It's much fun. Thank you!


I have been absolutely loving the course, I have been taking my time going through it as I really want to cement everything that I'm learning. I am really grateful to the team for bringing us this course so that I can expand upon the really basic gaelic I learned as a child and hopefully work towards fluency. It makes me feel even more connected to my country and my heritage.


Tapadh leibh, a chàirdean. Can I just say a sincere thank you from the Gaelic team for all of your lovely comments!


I am from India. I love this Scottish Gaelic Duolingo course tree. I completed this course upto Level 2 in all skills in less than 10 weeks. Planning to reach the 3rd golden owl soon.

Besides the people here are wonderful and very much productively interactive.


I just started using Duolingo last week, and of course the first language I choose to learn is Scottish Gaelic. I love so much about Scotland and the culture there and a friend of mine is from Scotland. Just hearing him talk about his home made me fall even more in love. I've wanted to learn the language for a while and I am really enjoying this course. Unlike when I took language classes in school, I am actually invested in learning here.


I'll echo the others about it being a favourite. The others I'm doing use generated voices and it trains the ear to hear things a certain way - one of the decisions I greatly appreciate is the use of a range of accents here because it teaches the ear to have a bit of latitude.

For example, there's a cultural centre in the middle of Stornoway called "An Lanntair". I've heard folks pronounce the first two"a"s like Apple, like "uh" and like "ow" (think the ou in ouch). I've heard the t pronounced like a t, like the ch in church and like the th in thin. Ask ten people on Kenneth Street how to pronounce it and you'll get ten different answers! Hearing the range of accents early on does a great job of helping with picking out those little differences and, in my opinion, makes it easier to speak with native speakers when the time comes.


This is my favorite Duolingo course, followed by French. I find the Portuguese content is often silly, Spanish is okay, but Scottish Gaelic is the best.


I started Scots Gaelic a couple of weeks ago on a whim - since Netflix started showing "Outlander" this past spring, I've become obsessed with both the show and the books upon which it is based. At first I only intended to "play" with the course for a day or so just to get a taste of the language, but found it so delightful that I've decided to keep it up. Thanks for such a lovely course!


That's one of the reasons why i started too! I wanted to learn how to read it so when I'm reading the books I can understand the Gaelic in them. Right now I'm only on the fifth book and only have watched the first three seasons of the show:)


I'm loving this course so far. I'm in the french course as it's the other official language of Canada so it's important. But I've always wanted to go to Scotland so thought I would try out this course and I am absolutely loving it. I hope that the course will be expanded in the future:)


Degemer mad, breudeur ha hoaresed a zo ama o zeski yez bro Skoss! Welcome brothers and sisters who are here learning the language of Scotland! :)

I hope you can all see the similarities between my Celtic Breton language and Gàidhlig :)

I myself find it often quite difficult to see, except for the word order, the sound mutations and the obvious words like mad/math)

That being sad, I like this course a lot!! Tapadh leibh, Mersi bras deoh !!


So far, I am really enjoying it. All the different voices are fantastic. I write A LOT of notes though. Getting the spelling down with pronunciation is a whamer!

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