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Some shows in MSA

Here are some films and serieses you can find to practice your MSA.

-المختار الثقفي: A good series about a figure that swore to destroy the people that participated in the killing of Hussein Ibn Ali, it's a historical film that takes place in the 7th century AD, it is originally in Farsi but was dubbed to Arabic.

  • الرسالة: A 1970s film about the start of Islam and some of the important events that happened with it.

-يوسف الصديق: A series about prophet Joseph from his life with his father Jacob until he became an important man in ancient Egypt, It is a dubbed series from Farsi.

worth to note that some famous animes are dubbed into Modern Standard Arabic like: -القناص: hunter x hunter -المحقق كونان: Detective Conan -ناروتو: Naruto -ون بيس: One Piece -دراغون بول: Dragon Ball And many more!

January 12, 2020

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