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"B' aill leibh? A bheil thu a' bruidhinn Beurla?"

Translation:Pardon? Are you speaking English?

January 12, 2020



So you wouldn't say "b' àill leat" here, if you're going to use "thu" in the question that follows?


No, b' àill leibh is a set expression that is used regardless of whether you use sibh or thu in the rest of the conversation - see tips on this unit


She is speaking very fast, especially because she´s asking whether that person speaks English. I would speak more slowly in this context.


I missed the "thu" first time around


She's asking if they are speaking English, not if they can speak English.


Slightly off subject, but ... As an American, if I was in Scotland how would I ask someone if they spoke English? Tha Beurla agad?


A bheil Beurla agad? Your sentence is a statement. As there aren't any monolingual Gaelic speakers left, probably not something you'll ever have to ask.


Thanks. I was interested in the wording of the sentence, not the actual example. :-)


Sure but the same applies to the statement, "Is sinne Runrig" but they still teach it for some inexplicable reason.

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