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"The instrument strings are tuned."

Translation:Ua kī nā ʻaha o ka pila.

January 12, 2020



Stative verb (adjective)? Aloha


Hmm. Can you give me another example of a stative verb in a sentence? The English prompt has me baffled.


A stative verb tells the state or condition of something that is being described: Ua wela ka pīpī kū - The beef stew is hot. Ua nani ka māla pua - The garden is beautiful. Ua mākaukau ka mea 'ai - The food is/was ready.

Since the strings of the uke are in the state of being tuned, it's a stative sentence. If you have the book 'Ōlelo 'Ōiwi by Cleeland, see page 164. Aloha


Thanks. Great insight.


This prompt gets me every time.

"The strings are tuned"
"The strings have been tuned"
"The strings are in tune."

I need help recognizing the correct interpretation.

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