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Why do i get 0 xp for practicing a skill?

I understand the need to limit abuse but... i had things like that happen

I go to timed practice... then for some reason i only get 3 questions. so i only get 3 xp from that skill the entire day..
At least make 10 the absolute lower limit.

Speaking of which.. why do i sometimes get 3 questions instead of the normal 20?

January 12, 2020



Well it may be a glitch to get only 3 questions unless you got the rest wrong. Are you SURE you got them right? If your 100% sure click the problem button and select 'my answer should have been excepted and duolingo will sort your problem out.


I mean it. I click an answer, it is correct, then one third of the progress bar becomes blue. I repeat two times. Then i end up getting 3 xp....


In timed practise the number of questions is limited by the time. (The clue is in the name.) If you don't answer quickly enough the time is up after a few questions. Every time you get one right more time is added, but you have to be pretty fast or time runs out. If you want to guarantee 10 points don't do the non-timed practise.


Yes, but sometimes the timed practice ONLY gives me 3 questions to begin with. Or 10, or 17...seems to be random..

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